"Pilot" is the first episode in The Chronicles Of Levi.






Release date

November 13th, 2011


Levi Hogan, Nathan Miller, and Corey Templeton

Written by

Anthony Hunsinger and Levi Hogan

Directed by

Levi Hogan

Produced by

Levi Hogan


The episode starts of with Levi in bed, getting out of bed, fully clothed. As he is about to exit his room, his friend Nate comes along. The two hang out for the day. Shortly after leaving Levi's house, the two are confronted by a mugger. Nate runs off, leaving Levi defenseless. The mugger than proceeds to steal a "special" rock from Levi. The mugger runs away, but Levi chases after him. The mugger hid, so Levi misses him and runs past him, then the mugger comes out of his hiding place, then Levi appears out of nowhere and tackles him, and reclaims his rock. The mugger runs away, but shortly returns, threatning to hurt Levi and steal his rock, but before he can accomplish this, Nate appears out of nowhere and slaps the mugger unconcious. Levi and Nate celebrate, and walk off. While walking on a random road, they decide to have a random dance party, which Levi later declares "stupid". Then 5 minutes later, the two are running down a road for no apparent reason, so the two decide to play on a trampoline, which later, Levi falls off. As Nate waits on Levi to return from partaking in on an unknown task, the mugger appears, this time armed with a gun. Nate quickly starts to clash with him, the two trying to get control of the gun. As they are fighting, Levi comes from his task, and walks into the fight, and steals the gun, effortlessly. Then Levi proceeds to shoot the mugger, and then goes up the the mugger and shoots him exacution style. Levi and Nate proclaim they had an "interesting day", and decide to walk down the street. Then the credits start to roll. After the credits, it goes to a scene of the mugger's hand, which twitches, with the text "To be continued...", thus ending the first episode of The Chronicles of Levi.


  • The first episode of every show is called the pilot, but in this case, the first episode's name IS "Pilot".

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