The show revolves around Levi (himself), and his friends, the adventures they have, and all the stuff they have to go through.

The Chronicles Of Levi




Levi Hogan and Brian L. Bingaman Jr.

Air date


Episodes per season

about 20

Episode production

1 episode per week

Theme song

"You're Gonna Go Far Kid" - The Offspring

"Garden Party" - Blarsa


Levi Hogan and Brian L. Bingaman Jr.


Levi Hogan and Anthony Hunsinger



Russian (subtitles)


United Pancakes Productions


The show The Chronicles Of Levi (TCOL for short, pronounced Tak-Kul) is mainly a comedy/action show. The cast is only made up of a small amount of actors. The characters (and actors who play them) are:

  • Levi - Levi Hogan
  • Yuriy Maksimov
  • Brian - Brian Bingaman
  • Nick - Nick Razzi
  • Peter - Bradford Saunders
  • Anthony - Anthony Hunsinger
  • Mr. Bubbles - Corey Templeton
  • The Mugger - Corey Templeton
  • Zach - Zachery Washel
  • Guy - Zack Force
  • Zack - Zack Force
  • Nate - Nathan Miller
  • Al - Carl Torchio


Episode 1: Pilot (TBA)


  • The name of the show is a bit of a pun. Many biblical figures had chronicles, like Jerahmeel, who was in The Chronicles Of Jerahmeel. Levi was the name of the thired son of Jacob and Leah, who is famous for starting the Levites.


  • The pilot (first episode) IS called Pilot.
  • Levi says he hopes to use a PC desktop with Windows 7 installed to "give him more freedom and ability".
  • Pinnacle Studio 14 will be the editing software.
  • TCoL will have an atmosphere identical to the show "Children's Hospital" and "Scrubs", where the mood is usually comical, but dramitic or adventurous when needed.
  • Several refferences will be made to Levi's future works, like "Show Time Has No Time!" and others.
  • The show is made so most episodes are not related, so if someone misses an episode, they do not lose track.
  • The show makes many refferences to popular culture which origenated in Pennsylvania, such as P!NK, the Amish, Night of the Living Dead and sequals, Dorny Park, Penn Polka, All My Children, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Mister Roger's Neighborhood, The Office, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids, Marley and Me, and Pennsylvanian Red Necks.
  • Levi's band 'Szwenks', is an obvious refferance to a Russian band named Lyube, headed by Nikolay Rastorguyev. Nikolay's band comes from a town in Moscow Oblast, while Levi's band comes from town in Pennsylvania. Lyube is named after it's home town (Lyubertsy), while Szwenks is named after it's hometown (Schwenksville, Szwenk is a Polish-ized form of Schwenk, pronounced the same).
  • Most filming is done in Pennsylvania, in Schwenksville, Souderton, Indian Valley, Spring Mount, Salford, Penn State, Philadelphia, and New Paris. Some episodes, however, are done in different states like New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Maryland, and Florida.
  • Filming is done with a Vivitar DVR 840XHD Camera.
  • Some episodes are done in German, a very commen spoken language in Pennsylvania.

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