Vejebuc is planned story about a young frenchman named Félix Romain "Romie" Vejebuc. Not much else is known.


Félix Romain "Romie" Vejebuc - young frenchman

Robert Adam "Adeux" Vejebuc - Romie's brother

Aimeé Margot Jeuneux - Romie's longtime neighbor girl and friend

Antoine Patrick Fitzwilliam - Romie's friend. Of Irish descent. A planned running joke is that they pronounce Antoine (both the Irish and French form of Anthony) as "Awn-toy-nah" as in Irish rather than "Ant-wan" like in French. They also call him Mac Liam (Irish from of Fitzwilliam).

Lou Varchavsky - Romie's friend

Devereux - Romie's friend

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